Bartell Diamond Blade ST-XL 115mmx22.23mm – C Hard / Reinforced Concrete

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Precision Cutting for Hard and Reinforced Concrete with Bartell Diamond Blade ST-XL
Introducing the Bartell Diamond Blade Captain ST-XL 115mm x 22.23mm, designed specifically for cutting hard and reinforced concrete with unmatched precision and durability. This premium diamond blade combines advanced engineering, high-quality materials, and innovative design to deliver exceptional cutting performance in the most demanding construction and renovation projects.

Key Features and Benefits
Specialized for Hard and Reinforced Concrete: The Blade ST-XL is engineered to tackle hard and reinforced concrete with ease. Its specialized design and diamond segment composition ensure efficient cutting through tough materials, providing clean and precise results.

Robust Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the ST-XL diamond blade features a reinforced core that enhances its strength and durability. This robust construction allows the blade to withstand the rigors of cutting hard and reinforced concrete, ensuring long-lasting performance on the job site.

Optimized Size and Arbor Fit: With a diameter of 115mm and an arbor size of 22.23mm, the Bartell Diamond Blade ST-XL is compatible with most standard angle grinders and handheld saws. Its optimized size and arbor fit make it easy to install and use, providing a hassle-free cutting experience.

Fast and Efficient Cutting: Equipped with premium diamond segments, the ST-XL diamond blade delivers fast and efficient cutting, saving you time and effort on your projects. Its advanced design minimizes friction and heat buildup, resulting in smoother cuts and extended blade life.

Versatile Application: While specifically designed for hard and reinforced concrete, the Bartell Diamond Blade ST-XL can also be used for cutting other tough materials such as stone, brick, and masonry. Its versatility makes it a valuable addition to any contractor’s toolkit.

Precision and Accuracy: The Diamond Blade ST-XL ensures precise and accurate cuts, even in challenging conditions. Whether you’re cutting straight lines or intricate shapes, this blade provides superior control and finish, minimizing the need for additional finishing work.

Why Choose Bartell Diamond Blade ST-XL?
Bartell is a trusted name in the industry, known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and performance. The Diamond Blade ST-XL 115mm x 22.23mm exemplifies Bartell’s dedication to providing top-tier tools that meet the demands of professional contractors and builders. Its combination of durability, precision, and cutting performance makes it the ideal choice for hard and reinforced concrete cutting applications.

Order Your Bartell Diamond Blade ST-XL Today
Upgrade your cutting tools with the Bartell Diamond Blade Captain ST-XL 115mm x 22.23mm for hard and reinforced concrete. Visit Granex Trade to purchase this essential blade and experience unparalleled cutting precision and durability. Choose Bartell for quality, reliability, and performance on every project.