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Builders Film – Black Poly 200OUM

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Discover Builders Film – Black Poly 200UM, your ultimate solution for effective moisture and dust protection on construction sites. Crafted from durable black polyethylene with a thickness of 200UM, this heavy-duty builders film offers superior strength and resilience, ensuring long-lasting performance in demanding environments. Whether you’re working on a commercial project, renovating your home, or undertaking DIY tasks, this versatile film provides reliable barrier protection against moisture, dust, and debris. With its high tear resistance and UV stabilization, Builders Film – Black Poly is suitable for a wide range of applications, including concrete slab underlay, temporary weather protection, landscaping, and more. Choose quality and durability for your construction needs with Builders Film – Black Poly 200UM, your trusted partner for superior protection on the job site.

The plastic membrane is overlapped and sealed by taping the joints with duct tape. It can also be used as a plastic tarp, protective floor cover, temporary weather protection and more.

  • Moisture Barrier
  • Floor protection
  • Concrete Underlay
  • Dust Covering

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