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Flextool Power Trowel W/B Petrol 40” | FT201816-UNIT

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Enhance your concrete surface finishing with the Flextool Power Trowel W/B Petrol 40”, available at Granex Trade. This walk-behind power trowel is engineered for professional-grade concrete smoothing, featuring a robust 40-inch blade path that ensures efficient coverage and superior finish quality.

Powered by a reliable petrol engine, the Flextool Power Trowel delivers high torque and consistent performance, making it ideal for both new concrete pours and refinishing projects. Its ergonomic design includes adjustable handlebars for operator comfort and control, reducing fatigue during extended use.

Built with durable components and a sturdy frame, this trowel is designed to withstand tough job site conditions while providing long-term reliability. Perfect for achieving smooth and level concrete surfaces, it’s a valuable asset for construction professionals seeking efficiency and precision.

Discover the capabilities of the Flextool Power Trowel W/B Petrol 40” at Granex Trade. Shop now and experience the quality craftsmanship and performance that make Flextool a trusted choice in concrete equipment.

The new, improved model also has a quick pitch blade tilt mechanism for fast on the fly adjustment of blade angle and fatigue-reducing padded handlebar for improved operator comfort.

  • Engine: Honda GX160 5.5HP
  • Trowel Diameter: 1015mm (40”)
  • Operating weight: 90kg

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