HIT Bolt Cutter 36″/900mm

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Welcome to Granex Trade, your go-to destination for premium tools and equipment. Meet the HIT Bolt Cutter 36″/900mm, a versatile cutting solution engineered to excel in a variety of applications. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this bolt cutter is a must-have addition to any professional or DIY toolkit.

Upgrade your cutting capabilities with the HIT Bolt Cutter 36″/900mm from Granex Trade. With its robust construction and superior performance, this tool is designed to exceed your expectations. Order yours today and experience the difference for yourself. Granex Trade – your trusted partner for quality tools and equipment.

  • Recommended for general purpose use
  • Suitable for concrete reinforcing rods, medium tensile soft nuts, bolts and chain
  • Features include heat treated manganese vanadium steel jaws, adjusting bolts located at the jaw strap to keep cutting edges parallel during use and to provide better cutting performance
  • Maximum hardness of material to be cut: Brinell 370/ Rockwell C40, 133kg/mm2 or 85 tonnes/
  • Made in Japan


Cutting Cap. Hard Metal 133kg/mm²: 10mm
Cutting Cap. Soft Metal 49.6/mm²: 16mm
Length: 900mm
Spare Head inc. Nuts & Bolts: HITNBCC0900
Spare Parts Nuts & Bolts: BC36-SP01
Type of Jaw: Centre Cut
Weight: 6.40kg

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