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Selleys No Mould Translucent 290ml

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Conquer mould in style with Selleys No Mould Translucent 290ml, the premium mould-resistant sealant available at Granex Trade Supplies. Engineered for superior performance, this clear solution not only inhibits mould growth but also delivers a durable and discreet finish. Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and moisture-prone areas, Selleys No Mould Translucent provides lasting protection while maintaining the natural look of surfaces. Trust Granex for top-quality products, and experience the reliability and mould-resistant power of Selleys No Mould Translucent in every application. Shop now for a transparent solution that fights mould while preserving the original aesthetics of your spaces.

  • Superior formulation that stops mould growth*
  • Fast skinning formulation which means you can use your shower in 1 hour**
  • Provides a durable waterproof seal
  • Resists lifting

Selleys No Mould acetic silicone sealant is designed to create a long lasting waterproof seal where mould resistance is necessary. This is the perfect product for humid and damp environments such as kitchens and bathrooms, where mould is normally present. Selleys No Mould produces a shower ready seal in 1 hour***.

*Compared to Selleys Wet Area.
**Sealant will be waterproof and shower ready in 1 hour after application in showers. The semi-cured sealant must not be touched until fully cured (at least 48 hours).
***To maintain your sealant properties, ensure you regularly clean off any soap scum and dirt as these encourage mould growth. Not suitable for aquariums, food or drinking water contact, permanent immersion in water, or metals other than aluminium and stainless steel. Not suitable for PE, PP, PTFE and some rubbers. Pre-test on other surfaces for compatibility.

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