SikaSwell S-2 Nozzle

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Optimize waterproofing with the SikaSwell S-2 Nozzle, a reliable component designed for effective joint sealing and water ingress prevention. Engineered by Sika, a trusted leader in construction solutions, this nozzle complements the SikaSwell S-2 system, offering seamless integration and enhanced performance. The S-2 Nozzle ensures precise application of swelling water stop compounds, expanding upon contact with water to create a durable seal in construction joints, pipe penetrations, and other critical areas. With its robust construction and compatibility with a range of substrates, including concrete, masonry, and steel, this nozzle provides a versatile solution for various waterproofing challenges. Trust SikaSwell S-2 Nozzle to deliver reliable performance and lasting protection against water intrusion in your construction projects. Experience peace of mind and superior waterproofing results with this advanced solution from Granex.

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