Viper Earmuffs

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These ProChoice Viper Earmuffs will provide you with hearing protection at noise levels up to 110 dB making them ideal for use in the workplace.

Fully adjustable headband can be worn in 3 various positions, which allow the earmuffs to be worn comfortably alongside other safety gear like respirators, glasses and visors. The clamping feature will apply minimum pressure while maintaining a tight fit, and the ear cushions will provide added comfort during wear.

  • Class 5 rated as suitable for protecting against nail gun and blasting sounds
  • Protection from noise levels up to 110 dB
  • Class 5, SLC80, 26dB
  • General-purpose use
  • Hearing protection for noise levels to 110dB(A)
  • Solid, lightweight ear cup construction
  • High-quality ear cushioning
  • Inner foam and headband cushions provide comfort during extended wear
  • Low clamping force applies minimum pressure while maintaining a tight, snug seal