7″ Turbo Flush Cutting Blade M14

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Enhance your cutting precision with the 7″ Turbo Flush Cutting Blade M14, an indispensable tool for professionals in the construction and renovation industry. This high-quality cutting blade is engineered for efficiency and durability, delivering precise cuts on various materials with ease.

Crafted with premium materials, the Turbo Flush Cutting Blade features a turbo segment design that ensures fast and smooth cutting performance. Its M14 thread makes it compatible with a wide range of angle grinders, providing versatility for different cutting applications.

Whether you’re working with concrete, brick, stone, or other masonry materials, this cutting blade delivers exceptional results, making it ideal for tasks such as tile removal, pipe installation, and flush cutting applications.

At Granex Trade, we understand the importance of reliable cutting tools in completing your projects efficiently and accurately. That’s why we offer the Turbo Flush Cutting Blade, a trusted solution for professionals seeking superior performance and longevity.

With its sharp and durable cutting edge, this blade ensures precise and clean cuts, minimizing material waste and saving you time and effort on the job. Trust Granex Trade for high-quality cutting solutions that meet the demands of your projects.

Upgrade your cutting arsenal with the Carbon Turbo Flush Cutting Blade and experience the difference in performance and reliability. Shop now and elevate your cutting capabilities with Granex Trade.

Carbon 7″ Turbo Flush Cutting Blade M14

Frequently used on a Professional 7″ Hand Grinder.

Common Applications are Cutting Reinforced Concrete & Decorative Concrete

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