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Enhance and protect your surfaces with Dulux Avista Waterbased Sealer, a premium solution designed for superior sealing performance. This innovative formula penetrates deep into substrates, forming a durable barrier against moisture, stains, and wear. Ideal for a variety of applications including concrete, masonry, and natural stone, this sealer offers long-lasting protection without compromising on aesthetics. Its water-based composition ensures low odor and easy cleanup, making it suitable for interior and exterior projects alike. With Dulux Avista Waterbased Sealer, you can achieve professional-grade results while safeguarding your surfaces against the elements for years to come.

Fast-drying, easy application, Dulux Avista Water-based concrete sealer helps prevent staining, offering improved durability to areas such as concrete pavers, blockwork, rock landscaping, plain and coloured concrete.

  • Solvent Based
  • Roller application
  • 5 – 10 m2 per litre
  • Water clean-up
  • Semi-gloss finish
  • It can be tinted with Dulux Avista water-based colour tint

Download the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) by clicking here.
Download the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) by clicking here.

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