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Sikaflex 118 – Extreme Grab

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Experience the ultimate gripping power with Sikaflex 118 Extreme Grab, available at Granex Trade. This innovative adhesive boasts superior initial tack and fast curing, making it perfect for demanding construction applications where immediate bond strength is essential. Sikaflex 118 offers exceptional adhesion to a wide range of substrates, including concrete, stone, metal, and wood, ensuring secure and durable bonds in various conditions. Whether you’re tackling heavy-duty bonding tasks or intricate projects, Sikaflex 118 delivers reliable performance and long-lasting results. Trust Sikaflex 118 provides unmatched strength and versatility for your construction needs. Shop now at Granex Trade and elevate your adhesive solutions with Sikaflex 118 Extreme Grab.

An adhesive is suitable for bonding most construction components and materials such as Concrete, Masonry, Ceramic, Wood, Metals and Glass.

  • Very high initial grab
  • Fixing of heavy objects without temporary fixation
  • Good workability
  • Very low emissions
  • Adhesive-sealant with CE marking

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