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Bautek Kiln Dired White Sand – Bag 20Kgs

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Achieve flawless finishes with Bautek Kiln Dried White Sand, available in a convenient 20kg bag. This premium-grade sand is meticulously kiln-dried to remove moisture, ensuring a consistent and fine texture ideal for a variety of applications. Perfect for use in jointing paving, decorative projects, and industrial tasks, this white sand offers exceptional quality and performance.

The Bautek Kiln Dried White Sand is known for its purity and uniformity, making it the preferred choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Its bright white color enhances the aesthetic appeal of any project, whether you’re filling joints between pavers or using it in decorative landscaping.

This versatile sand is easy to apply, flowing smoothly into gaps and providing a stable, long-lasting finish. Its moisture-free composition ensures optimal performance in all weather conditions, preventing weed growth and maintaining the integrity of your joints.

Choose Bautek Kiln Dried White Sand – Bag 20Kgs for your next project and experience the benefits of high-quality materials. Perfect for enhancing the look and durability of your hardscaping, this sand delivers superior results every time.

It has been designed and blended to optimise joint performance for flexible unbound pavement systems, artificial grass installations and in preparation with other building materials to prepare white mortars or jointing cement.

  • Easy to apply, clean, free draining and chemical free

  • Suitable for commercial and DIY domestic use

  • Available in 20kg water resistant bags

  • Does not contain hazardous silica sands – please refer to the PPE advice noted on the bag

  • Non-flammable

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