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CCS Colourmaster Tint – Terracotta 2 Ltr

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Achieve vibrant and lasting coloration for your concrete projects with CCS Colourmaster Tint in Terracotta. Specially formulated for concrete coloring, this high-quality tint delivers rich, terracotta hues that infuse surfaces with warmth and character. Whether you’re enhancing driveways, patios, or architectural elements, CCS Colourmaster Tint ensures consistent and durable coloration. Its easy-to-use formulation allows for seamless integration into concrete mixes, offering versatility and precise color control. Elevate your concrete designs with the timeless charm of terracotta using CCS Colourmaster Tint, your trusted partner for superior concrete coloring solutions.

Features & Benefits

  • Opaque tinted sealer
  • Provides long-lasting superior protection
  • Resists oils, grease and general dirt pick up
  • Recolours old stained concrete and pavers
  • Add matting additive for a matt finish
  • Introduces a change to the overall colour scheme for your concrete

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