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Masterfinish Concrete Remover 0.75ltr Trigger

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Ensure pristine surfaces with our Masterfinish Concrete Remover in a convenient 0.75-liter trigger spray bottle. Expertly crafted to dissolve stubborn concrete deposits and residues, this potent solution is a must-have for maintaining cleanliness on construction sites, tools, and equipment. Its advanced formula deeply penetrates to break down hardened concrete without causing surface damage. Ideal for precise spot cleaning and targeted applications, the trigger spray bottle offers controlled and accurate usage. Rely on our Masterfinish Concrete Remover to effortlessly eliminate concrete buildup, streamlining your construction, renovation, or maintenance projects.

Concrete remover will save you money by protecting your equipment from the corrosive effects of concrete and acid cleaners. Complemented perfectly with the FM125 and FM5000 Birchmeier Foamers.


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