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Concrete Remover 20ltr

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Effortlessly tackle concrete buildup and residue with our Masterfinish Concrete Remover in a 20-liter container. This powerful solution effectively dissolves hardened concrete, making cleanup a breeze for construction sites, equipment, and tools. With its potent formula, it penetrates deep into concrete surfaces, breaking down stubborn deposits without damaging the underlying materials. Ideal for various applications in construction, renovation, and maintenance projects, our Masterfinish Concrete Remover simplifies concrete removal tasks, saving time and labor. Trust in its effectiveness to restore surfaces to their original condition, ensuring efficiency and cleanliness on the job site.

Concrete remover will save you money by protecting your equipment from the corrosive effects of concrete and acid cleaners. Complemented perfectly with the FM125 and FM5000 Birchmeier Foamers.

280 x 280 x 350mm



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