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Crommelins Plate Compactor 520mmx360mm 68 kg with Folding Handle | CC60HP

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Discover the Crommelins Plate Compactor CC60HP at Granex, offering compact yet powerful performance for your compaction needs. With a plate size of 520mm x 360mm and weighing 68 kg, this sturdy compactor is equipped with a convenient folding handle for easy transport and storage. Ideal for compacting soil, gravel, and asphalt, the CC60HP delivers reliable performance on construction sites, landscaping projects, and more. Trust Crommelins for durable construction, efficient operation, and superior compaction results. Unlock the potential of your projects with the Crommelins Plate Compactor CC60HP, available at Granex.

This Crommelins plate compactor CC60HP is built to industry best standards. Popular due to its plate size of 520x360mm and folding handles, this compactor is for trenches and tight spaces where standard compactors have difficulty fitting.

Features include folding handles for easy storage and transport in the boot of a car. The rear wheels are for moving on-site. A soft-grip handle protects the user from excessive vibration. Powered by a Honda petrol engine.

A genuine Robin engine option is also available. The compactor will withstand the heavy demand by rental companies and contractors to provide outstanding performance and longevity. A Crommelins compactor is also the perfect choice for any trade.

Assembled and tested in Australia, the compactor also comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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