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Flextool® SPS Sprayer Concrete Stainless Steel – S103E | NP700096

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The Smith Industrial Sprayers are built to withstand harsh chemicals and are targeted towards contractor or construction work with ease of use and durability at their core. Each sprayer is fitted with chemical-resistant seals and brass components specially designed for contact with acetone, xylene, bond breakers, curing compounds and other concrete chemicals.


  • 13.25 Litre Stainless Steel Tank
  • Viton® Seals throughout the pump and shut-off
  • Pump automatically releases pressures above 85 psi to prevent over-compression
  • 1.25m chemically resistant rubber hose is reinforced with nylon for greater wear resistance
  • Brass Flat Fan nozzle included for multiple flow rates. Accepts TeeJet® nozzles
  • Four-prong lock seals the pump tightly against an internal O-ring
  • A push-button pressure relief valve makes it easy and quick to release internal pressure before opening the canister
  • Stainless steel, inside and outside the canister, means a compression sprayer with high chemical resistance and a very long lifespan. No need for epoxy coatings
  • Large wide-mouthed opening is easy to fill
  • Heavy duty trigger
  • Spray Wand Holder


  • Tank Capacity: 13.25L
  • Hose Length: 1.25m

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