Die-Cast Torpedo 25cm Spirit Level- Magnetic. 3 vials including a 45° angle vial

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Achieve precise leveling in tight spaces with the Sola Die-Cast Torpedo 25cm Spirit Level, available exclusively at Granex Trade. This compact, professional-grade tool is designed for accuracy and durability, making it perfect for electricians, plumbers, and DIY enthusiasts. The die-cast construction ensures exceptional strength and longevity, while the magnetic base allows for hands-free use on metal surfaces, enhancing convenience and efficiency on the job.

Featuring three easy-to-read vials, including a 45° angle vial, this spirit level ensures accurate measurements in horizontal, vertical, and angled applications. The 25cm length makes it ideal for use in confined areas where longer levels might be impractical. The robust design and high-visibility vials provide reliable performance, even in demanding conditions.

Trust Granex Trade to provide top-quality tools that meet the highest industry standards. Invest in the Die-Cast Torpedo 25cm Spirit Level today and enhance your toolkit with a versatile, reliable, and precise leveling tool. Make every project a success with this magnetic, multi-vial spirit level from Granex Trade, ensuring perfect alignment and accuracy in all your tasks.


  • Very high measuring accuracy in standard and inverted position
  • Extremely sturdy aluminum die-cast spirit level with a milled measuring surface and V-groove for scaffolding and steel pipes
  • Better, faster and more accurate reading through the patented SOLA FOCUS vials
  • Break-resistant acrylic block vials with magnifying lens (+60%) and a 30 year guarantee against leakage
  • Better readability in dim light through an optimised SOLA luminous backing
  • Strong neodymium magnet for a high adhesion force


  • Horizontal measurement
  • Vertical measurement
  • Angle/inclination measurement


  • Item description Die-cast spirit level, trapezoidal shape
  • Material Aluminum die-cast
  • Surface epoxy coated
  • Colour red
  • Measuring tolerance standard position 0.50 mm/m (0.029°)
  • Measuring tolerance inverted measurement 0.75 mm/m (0.043°)
  • Number of horizontal vials 1
  • Number of vertical vials 1
  • Special characteristic 45° angle tube vial
  • Measuring surface milled, V-groove
  • Magnet Neodymium
  • Magnet Yes

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