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Dulux Avista Colour Through Oxide – Slate 9kg

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Enhance your concrete projects with Dulux Avista Colour Through Oxide Slate, available in a convenient 9kg pack. This premium oxide blend ensures consistent and vibrant coloration, seamlessly integrating into concrete mixes for captivating results. Perfect for driveways, pathways, and outdoor surfaces, Dulux Avista Colour Through Oxide infuses concrete with a timeless Slate hue, adding depth and sophistication to any outdoor space. Engineered with superior UV resistance and durability, this oxide blend guarantees long-lasting color retention and performance, even in harsh outdoor environments. Transform ordinary concrete surfaces into striking focal points with the natural allure of Dulux Avista Colour Through Oxide, creating inviting outdoor spaces that exude modern elegance. Unleash your creativity and achieve stunning concrete finishes that capture the essence of contemporary design.

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