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Flextool Portascreed Extrusion Bar / 2.44m (8FT) | FT201812-UNIT

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Achieve precision in concrete leveling with the Flextool Portascreed Extrusion Bar / 2.44m (8FT) | FT201812-UNIT, exclusively available at Granex Trade. This essential tool is designed for professional concrete finishers, offering unmatched accuracy and efficiency in screeding applications. The 2.44-meter (8-foot) extrusion bar ensures smooth and uniform concrete surfaces, ideal for large-scale flooring projects.

The FT201812-UNIT features a durable construction that withstands rigorous use, ensuring long-lasting performance on job sites. Its lightweight design and ergonomic handles facilitate comfortable handling and maneuverability, reducing operator fatigue during extended use. Compatible with Flextool power screeds, this extrusion bar enhances productivity and ensures consistent results with each use.

Trust Granex Trade to provide high-quality concrete tools that meet stringent industry standards. Invest in the Flextool Portascreed Extrusion Bar / 2.44m (8FT) today to elevate your concrete finishing capabilities. Experience professional-grade precision and efficiency with this essential tool from Granex Trade, your trusted partner in construction and flooring excellence.


  • Unique extruded blade simultaneously cuts and smooths the concrete
  • Four independent handle vibration isolators minimise handle vibration
  • Blades are easily able to be changed in approximately two minutes
  • Fully adjustable twin handle system for total levelling control
  • Tilt up stand keeps the engine out of the concrete and off the ground when not in use
  • Rounded blade ends for easy negotiation of obstacles
  • Emergency engine shut off switch
  • Blades available in seven different sizes
  • LENGTH: 2400mm
  • WEIGHT (KG): 5.8

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