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Flextool® Profinish® Walk-Behind Power Trowel Petrol 46″ – FP446 | FT203446-UNIT

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Enhance your concrete finishing operations with the Flextool Profinish Walk-Behind Power Trowel Petrol 46″ – FP446. Designed for professional concrete contractors, this power trowel delivers exceptional performance and precision. Equipped with a reliable petrol engine, it offers robust power and durability to handle large-scale concrete projects with ease. The 46-inch trowel diameter ensures efficient coverage, speeding up the finishing process while delivering smooth and polished surfaces. With its ergonomic design and intuitive controls, operators can achieve consistent results with minimal effort. Invest in the Flextool Profinish Walk-Behind Power Trowel Petrol 46″ – FP446 for superior concrete finishing performance and productivity.

The Profinish Walk-Behind Power Trowels are built for the professional contractor.  Fitted with cast iron spider plates, blade tilt levers and pressure plates these precision engineered components ensure the best possible flat floor results are achieved on each and every slab. Equipped with highly efficient gearboxes, maximum torque is transferred to the trowel rotors for superior performance at low, medium and high RPM.

  • Engine: Honda GX160 5.5HP.
  • Trowel diameter: 610mm (24”).
  • Operating weight: 50kg.

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