Imex i88R Red Beam Rotating Laser – LRX10 Receiver

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The class leader in economical rotating laser levels, the IMEX i88R incorporates the robust casing and technology of its big brothers in an efficient simple-to-use package with additional functions. Featuring a huge 600m dia range, an improved High-visibility weatherproof and shockproof housing, and additional functions such as Scan Mode, Dual grade slopes, increased accuracy and remote control panel.


– Robust construction tough horizontal/vertical laser level
– Horizontal/Vertical self leveling (electronic). 600m range. Dual manual grade slope
– Calibration Certificate9Ah lithium-ion battery approx. 40 hours run time
– USB quick charge port with car charger
– LRX10 Digital Detector in mm reading (German made)
– 90mm Detector reading ultra fine, fine, medium, course and ultra course
– Scan Mode Allows for part beam rotation in selected working environments, i.e. on interior walls, busy work-sites where other laser interference may be present. Various scan lengths and rotation placement
– Dual Grade Grade slope to 5 degrees (8.8%) in two directions, X and Y axis Simultaneously for true grade control. Ideal for pipe layout or concrete slab falls
– Plumb Spot Top and bottom plumb spot beam to assist in set ups over a point
– Accuracy +/- 1.5mm at 30 metres for excellent results every time
– Remote Control Panel allows grade or other functions to be carried out up to 20 m away from the instrument, for true one-man operation and greater efficiency
– Hi-Visibility Case unique Imex feature, easy to see on the busiest construction site, minimises the risk of the unit being bumped, increasing safety and accuracy


– Self Leveling Range: +/-5 degrees
– Working Distance: 600m Diameter
– Function: Horizontal/Vertical
– Scan Mode: Yes, 0, 10, 45, 90, 180 degrees
– Slope Mode: Yes Single manual grade to 5 degrees, 8.8%
– Accuracy: 1.5mm at 30m
– Rotation Speeds: 0, 60, 120, 300, 600 rpm
– Waterproof/Shockproof: IP66
– Light Source: Red laser diode, 635nm Class II
– Power: 9 Ah 3.7v lithium-ion
– Detector: LRX10 Double Sided
– Working time continuous use; 40 hours approx.
– Charging Time: 4 hours in unit or removed from unit
– USBC Charging: Yes; including 12v car charger
– High Wind Sensitivity Re-set: Yes
– Remote Control: Yes, iCR7
– Weight Unit Only: 2.48kg
– Detector German Made; LRX10 Double Sided
– Detector Pick Up: 90mm -30mm to +60mm
– Detector Reading: Ultrafine 0.5mm/Fine 1.0mm/Medium 2.0mm/Course 5.0mm/Ultra Course 10.0mm
– Detector Power: 1-AA more than 50 hrs run
– Inclusions: Unit, LRX10 Detector, USB cable, 9.0 Ah Lithium battery, Car charger, target plate, hard carry case


– 5 Years Manufacturer Warranty

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