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MASTERFINISH 24″ Power Trowel Edger / GX200 with lifting hook | MF424

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Achieve smooth, professional-grade concrete finishes with the MASTERFINISH 24″ Power Trowel Edger, powered by a GX200 engine and featuring a convenient lifting hook. Ideal for smoothing concrete surfaces, this power trowel delivers exceptional performance and durability, making it a must-have for contractors and construction professionals.

The 24″ Power Trowel Edger is engineered for efficiency, offering precise control over finishing operations while reducing fatigue during extended use. Its robust build ensures reliability even in demanding job site conditions, while the lifting hook enhances portability and ease of handling.

Designed for versatility, this trowel edger is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, providing consistent results on driveways, floors, and other concrete surfaces. Experience enhanced productivity and superior finishing capabilities with the MASTERFINISH 24″ Power Trowel Edger, available at Granex Trade. Invest in quality equipment that elevates your concrete finishing projects, ensuring professional outcomes with every use.


  • Engine: Honda GX200
  • Blade Type: T600FBP
  • Path: 24″
  • Fuel: 4-Stroke
  • Power: 4.1kw
  • Horse Power: 5.5Hp
  • Capacity: 200cc
  • Engine Speed: 3600rpm
  • Motor Oil Level: 600ml
  • Gearbox Oil: 220 Grade Gear Oil

Part No: MF424
Barcode: 9318428104240
Material: Steel
Warranty: 12 Month Machine Warranty and 36 Month Motor
Net Weight (kg):  70kg
Product Length (mm): 600mm
Product Width (mm):  700mm
Product Height (mm): 600mm

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