OX Professional 100x180mm (14d) SS Edger

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Achieve perfect concrete edges with the OX Professional 100x180mm (14d) SS Edger, designed for professionals who demand superior performance and durability. This top-quality concrete edger combines robust construction with precise functionality, making it an essential tool for any concrete finishing project.

Premium Stainless Steel Construction: The OX Professional SS Edger is constructed from high-grade stainless steel, ensuring exceptional durability and resistance to rust and corrosion. The 100x180mm blade is designed to withstand the rigors of professional use, providing a long-lasting tool that maintains its sharpness and integrity over time.

Precision 14-Degree Edge Profile: This edger features a 14-degree edge profile, perfect for creating clean, precise edges on concrete surfaces. Whether you’re working on sidewalks, driveways, patios, or other concrete projects, the OX Professional SS Edger helps you achieve sharp, professional-quality edges that enhance the overall appearance and durability of your work.

Ergonomic Design for Comfort and Control: The OX Professional SS Edger is designed with user comfort in mind. It features an ergonomic handle that provides a comfortable, secure grip, reducing hand fatigue during extended use. The non-slip handle ensures optimal control, even in wet conditions, enhancing both safety and efficiency on the job site.

Smooth and Efficient Operation: This edger glides effortlessly along wet concrete, making it easy to create uniform edges with minimal effort. The sharp blade and efficient design allow for quick, effective edging, saving you time and effort while delivering professional-grade results.

Versatile and Reliable: The OX Professional 100x180mm (14d) SS Edger is versatile enough to handle a wide range of concrete finishing tasks. From residential projects to commercial applications, this edger is the perfect tool for creating crisp, clean edges that add a polished look to any concrete surface.

Easy to Use and Maintain: Designed for ease of use, this edger requires minimal maintenance. Simply clean the blade after each use to ensure it remains in top condition. Its durable construction means it will continue to perform reliably, project after project.

Order Your OX Professional 100x180mm (14d) SS Edger Today: Visit Granex Trade to purchase this high-quality edger and elevate the quality of your concrete finishing work. Experience the durability, precision, and ease of use that OX Tools are known for.

Invest in the OX Professional 100x180mm (14d) SS Edger and achieve flawless edges on all your concrete projects. With its premium construction, ergonomic design, and precise edge profile, this edger is the ultimate tool for professional-grade results.

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