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Prime Evaploc 20lt

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Enhance your industrial cleaning arsenal with Prime Evaploc 20 liters, a powerful solution designed for efficient evaporation of various contaminants and residues. This high-performance product is meticulously formulated to facilitate rapid evaporation, making it ideal for a wide range of applications across industries. Whether you’re dealing with grease, oil, or other stubborn residues, Prime Evaploc ensures quick and effective removal, leaving surfaces clean and ready for further processing. With its convenient 20-liter size, this product offers ample supply for demanding cleaning tasks in industrial settings. Elevate your cleaning efficiency with Prime Evaploc 20 liters and experience the difference in performance and productivity.


  • Reduces the chances of plastic shrinkage by up to 80% if the ground surface has been thoroughly watered before concrete placement
  • Allows the concrete to be workable for a more extended period by delaying the surface to crust over in windy and hot conditions
  • Retards concrete water evaporation by up to 80% in windy conditions and up to 60% in sunlight
  • Distinctive Fluro green colour ensures easy and even product application
  • Cost-effective, concentrated product

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