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Q-Coat Water Based Sealer 20ltr

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Protect surfaces effectively with Q-Coat Water Based Sealer 20ltr. This premium water-based sealer offers superior protection for concrete, masonry, brickwork, and more, guarding against water damage, staining, and deterioration. Designed for ease of application, Q-Coat WB Sealer provides excellent adhesion and coverage, ensuring reliable performance on horizontal and vertical surfaces alike. With its low odor and fast-drying formula, this sealer is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, delivering lasting results without harsh fumes or extended downtime. Invest in Q-Coat WB Sealer 20ltr for durable protection and enhanced longevity for a wide range of surfaces.

Why use Q-Coat Water Based Sealer?
Q-Coat Water Sealer is a water based sealer for concrete and cement coatings, with a mix of self cross connecting polymers. This is a high performance, low sheen product that is quick drying with a powerful bond and overall protection for the concrete.

A great sealer for a less glossy finish giving a more natural low sheen look. Can also be tinted with water based tint .

Available Size
20 Litre plastic pail

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