Royal Condor Classica Backpack Sprayer 20ltr | CONDOR20

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The Royal Condor Classica backpack sprayer is a premium quality sprayer designed for spraying a wide range of water-based products including; retarder, curing compound, evaporation retarders and bond breakers. The high-pressure pump is what sets this sprayer apart from others. Producing 203psi, the Royal condor can evenly spray material up to 6m away from the operator making it ideal for spraying products over large pours. The unit sits comfortably on the back using the padded carrying straps and the pump handle can be fitted on either suite to suit both right and left-handed operation. Being able to carry up to 20L of product means less refills and more coverage. Unlike other sprayers, the separate pressure chamber means there is no loss of pressure when refilling.