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Crommelin Silane Treatment SI Clear 15 Litre

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Granex Trade Supplies supplies quality trades with Crommelin Silane Treatment Si is a blend of silane and siloxane technologies which delivers a sealer that penetrates deeply into masonry surfaces and impedes the passage of moisture, providing long-term protection against water penetration. Silane Treatment Si reacts with soluble salts in cementitious surfaces to block capillaries whilst still allowing the substrate to breathe.

Features & Benefits

  • Clear natural finish with low to moderate surface colour enhancement.
  • Does not increase surface slipperiness.
  • Reduces ingress of water and minimises efflorescence.
  • Excellent fungal and algal resistance.
  • Long term U.V. resistance.
  • Interior and exterior.
  • Treated surfaces are easier to clean.
  • Matt to low sheen finish.

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