Sola AV 40cm Spirit Level

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Achieve unparalleled accuracy in your construction projects with the Sola AV 40cm Spirit Level, available exclusively at Granex Trade Supplies. This compact, professional-grade spirit level is perfect for a variety of tasks, offering precision and reliability in a convenient 40cm length. Ideal for detailed work such as cabinetry, tiling, and small-scale carpentry, the Sola AV ensures flawless results every time.

Featuring highly visible, easy-to-read vials, this spirit level provides clear and accurate measurements for horizontal, vertical, and 45° angles. Its robust construction guarantees durability and long-lasting performance, even in the most demanding job site conditions. The ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling and ease of use, reducing fatigue during extended periods of work.

Trust Granex Trade to provide high-quality construction tools that meet the highest industry standards. Invest in the Sola AV 40cm Spirit Level today and enhance your toolkit with a reliable and precise leveling solution. Ensure your projects meet exact specifications with the Sola AV 40cm Spirit Level, your go-to tool for professional-grade accuracy and dependability, available exclusively at Granex Trade.

AV Spirit Level

  • High measuring accuracy in standard and inverted position
  • Robust aluminium profile
  • Better, faster and more accurate reading through the patented SOLA FOCUS vials
  • Break-resistant acrylic block vials with a magnifying lens (+20%), and a tightness guarantee of 30 years
  • Better readability in dim light through an optimised SOLA luminous backing
  • Shock-absorbing end caps

Max. Measuring tolerance standard position 0.5mm/m

Max. Measuring tolerance inverted position 1.00mm/m

Profile weight: 520 g/m

Available in- 40cm, 60cm, 80cm, 120cm, 200cm

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