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Topcon GT-600 Robotic Total Station

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Elevate your surveying and construction projects with the Topcon GT-600 Robotic Total Station. This advanced instrument combines cutting-edge technology with precision engineering to streamline your workflow and enhance productivity on the job site. With its robotic capabilities, the GT-600 enables single-operator operation, allowing you to control the instrument remotely and collect accurate data with ease. Its high-precision measurements and fast tracking performance ensure reliable results, even in challenging environments. Whether you’re performing layout tasks, stakeout operations, or detailed surveys, the Topcon GT-600 delivers unmatched efficiency and accuracy, making it the ideal choice for professionals who demand the best in surveying equipment.

Workdays turned into workflows

Bridge the gap between your mobile workforce and office staff with faster, more efficient cloud-based MAGNET®
Enterprise services.
• Secure connectivity to all of your active job sites as well
as heavy machines using Sitelink3D™
• Remove data silos and promote easy collaboration
between office staff and managers
• Instant file sharing with both Autodesk® AutoCAD Civil
3D and Bentley MicroStation

GT-600 Robotic Total Station

• 10 Hz update rates to the FC-6000 field computer for more efficient staking
• Ultrasonic Direct Drive motors with 180° turning speed for exceptional productivity
• 30% smaller and lighter than any other Topcon series robotic instrument
• Optimize productivity by combining the GT-1200/GT-600, FC-6000, and
MAGNET software with a HiPer series receiver

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