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MASTERFINISH 36″ Pro Series Trowel Machine | MF436

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Achieve professional-grade concrete finishing with the MASTERFINISH 36″ Pro Series Trowel Machine. Engineered for superior performance and durability, this trowel machine is equipped with advanced features to streamline your concrete smoothing tasks. Its precision-balanced design ensures smooth and consistent results, while the powerful motor delivers efficient operation on various concrete surfaces. The ergonomic handlebar provides comfortable control, reducing operator fatigue during extended use. Whether you’re working on large-scale construction projects or smaller jobs, the MASTERFINISH 36″ Pro Series Trowel Machine is the ideal choice for contractors and professionals seeking high-quality performance and reliability.


  • Engine: Honda GX200
  • Blade Type: S36-10P / D36-2P
  • Path: 36″
  • Fuel: 4-Stroke
  • Power: 4.1kw
  • Horse Power: 5.5HP
  • Capacity: 200cc
  • Engine Speed”3600rpm
  • Motor Oil Level: 600ml
  • Gearbox Oil: 220 Grade Gear Oil
  • Brand: Masterfinish
  • Part No: MF436
  • Barcode: 9318428104363
  • Warranty: 12 month machine and 36 month motor
  • Net weight (kg): 77
  • Product length (mm): 910
  • Product width (mm): 950
  • Product height (mm): 910

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