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Airmac – Yanmar Diesel Air Compressor 150ltr Electric Start – V40D ES

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Elevate your industrial operations with the Airmac Yanmar Diesel Air Compressor 150L Electric Start, available at Granex. Designed for durability and efficiency, this compressor boasts a substantial 150-liter capacity, ensuring ample air supply for various pneumatic tools and applications. With the convenience of electric start, you can initiate operations swiftly and seamlessly, enhancing productivity on the job site. Engineered to meet the demands of rigorous work environments, this compressor delivers consistent performance, capable of sustaining air pressure requirements for extended periods. Whether you’re powering pneumatic machinery or executing construction tasks, the Airmac Yanmar Diesel Air Compressor provides reliable and efficient air compression, ensuring smooth operations and optimal performance. Explore our range today and experience the power and reliability of Airmac compressors for your industrial needs.

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