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Airmac – Yanmar Diesel Air Compressor 70ltr Electric Start – T20D ES

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Airmac Yanmar Diesel Air Compressor 70ltr Electric Start


  • Yanmar Diesel Engine – Yanmar’s direct fuel injection technology maximises combustion efficiency, thereby delivering more power while using less fuel. These rugged units are built to withstand the rigours of working out in the field.
  • Automatic Throttle Control – Engine speed and compressor pump operation are both automatically regulated to match air demand. The engine returns to idle when possible to minimise fuel use, noise, and wear.
  • Electric Key-Start – Avoid the strain of rope pull starting by selecting an effortless twist-and-go electric start model. The removable starter key also provides security against unauthorised operation.
  • Mine Specification – Electric start models are equipped with an emergency stop button and fail-safe fuel shut-off solenoid valve as standard. These are essential safety features for Mine Spec compliance.
  • Oversized Air Receiver  – For safety, the air tank complies with Australian Standard AS 1210. Its oversized capacity maintains a larger air energy reserve that also reduces pressure fluctuation and compressor load / unload cycling.
  • Metal Safety Guard – The all-steel safety guard securely protects the rotating V-belt drive components. Airmac’s traditional metal guard is impact and UV resistant, unlike plastic guards as used by other makes.
  • High Pressure – Applications requiring higher-thannormal air pressure of up to 1,200 kPa (175 psi) can select from four Airmac models specially equipped with efficient two-stage Fusheng compressor pumps.
  • Vibration Isolators – Foot-mounted models are thoughtfully supplied with two sets of vibration isolators and fasteners to suit portable freestanding, fixed stationary or mobile vehiclemounted applications (pictured).
  • 12 Volt Battery Kit Option – Convert your electric key-start compressor into a self-contained unit by adding a 12 V battery kit. It includes a maintenance-free battery, special mounting bracket and colour-coded battery leads.
  • Filter-Regulator * – The 5 micron filter removes dirt, oil and water from the compressed air while the adjustable regulator controls output air pressure. A Nitto-style hose coupling is fitted to the air outlet port.

* Fitted to T20D & T20D ES models only


  • Yanmar Engine: 4.7 hp L48
  • Starter: Key Electric & Rope Pull
  • Emergency Stop: Push Button
  • Pump Displacement: 490 L/min (17.3 cfm)
  • Free Air Delivery: 320 L/min (11.3 cfm)
  • Maximum Pressure: 1,000 kPa (145 psi)
  • Tank Volume: 70 Litres
  • Pump Model: Fusheng TA-65

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