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Cold Petrol Pressure Cleaner 3013PC-HB Truck Mount

120 BAR3013PC-HB
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Discover unparalleled cleaning power with the Cold Petrol Pressure Cleaner 3013PC-HB Truck Mount, capable of delivering an impressive 3000 PSI at 13 liters per minute. Designed for heavy-duty use, this equipment ensures thorough cleaning with 120 bars of pressure, ideal for commercial and industrial applications. The truck-mounted design offers mobility and convenience, allowing you to tackle tough cleaning tasks with ease, whether on construction sites, fleet maintenance, or industrial facilities.

Built for reliability and efficiency, the Cold Petrol Pressure Cleaner features robust construction and advanced technology to enhance performance and longevity. Its high-pressure output effectively removes dirt, grime, and debris from various surfaces, including vehicles, machinery, and outdoor spaces. Perfect for professionals seeking a powerful cleaning solution, this machine combines rugged durability with user-friendly operation, making it a valuable asset in your cleaning arsenal.

Explore the Cold Petrol Pressure Cleaner 3013PC-HB Truck Mount today to experience unmatched cleaning capability and efficiency, ensuring pristine results with every use.”

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  • Pump Style: Triplex
  • Unloader: External
  • Series: Industrial
  • Engine: Honda GX390
  • Pump: Comet
  • CC: 389
  • PSI: 3,000
  • GPM: 5.0

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