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Flextool Dust Collector FDC-1M

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Elevate your job site cleanliness with the Flextool Dust Collector FDC-1M. Designed for maximum efficiency, this dust collector is engineered to effectively capture and contain airborne particles, promoting a safer and healthier work environment. Its portable and compact design allows for easy maneuverability and placement in various work areas. With powerful suction capabilities, it efficiently removes dust and debris, ensuring a clean and debris-free surface. Upgrade your dust management system with the Flextool Dust Collector FDC-1M and experience enhanced productivity and safety on the job site.

Flextool Dust Collectors are specifically designed for the rigors of commercial and contractor use. Featuring powerful twin-motors for increased airflow, high-quality H-Class HEPA filtration systems and efficient continuous bagging systems, they provide reliable and high-performing air filtration for a wide range of projects.

Designed to capture the finest concrete and silica dust particles, The Flextool Dust Collector FDC-1M is a twin-motor, jet-pulse dust collector which has a unique jet-pulsing system that efficiently purges the pre-filter during operation to maintain smooth airflow. It comes standard with a range of accessories and filters.

Ideal for small size to medium size projects on residential and commercial work.

  • Unique jet-pulse cleaning system efficiently purges the pre-filter without opening the vacuum to maintain smooth airflow
  • HEPA filtration system is compliant with H-Class standards for optimum air filtration and capture of the finest concrete and silica dust particles
  • Continuous bagging system for clean and efficient management, storage and disposal of captured material
  • Dual Ametek motors provide continuous high-performance operation
  • Quality, solid wheels with brake system for easy and safe onsite manoeuvrability
  • Smooth wheels reduce risk of floor damage
  • Ideal for grinders with a working width of up to 600 mm
  • Accessories include a hose, aluminium wand, floor nozzle, reducer, hose cuff, bagging system and H-Class HEPA filters

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