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Husqvarna CT 48-13A-V Power Trowel 1200MM 13HP Honda

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Elevate your concrete finishing game with the Husqvarna CT 48-13A-V Power Trowel, a professional-grade walk-behind trowel designed for exceptional performance and reliability. Powered by a robust 13 horsepower Honda engine, this trowel delivers powerful and consistent performance, making it ideal for a wide range of concrete finishing applications.

Featuring a 1200-millimeter blade diameter, the Husqvarna CT 48-13A-V offers a generous working width that allows you to cover large surface areas quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re smoothing out freshly poured concrete, leveling screeds, or polishing floors, this trowel delivers smooth and uniform finishes with ease.

Engineered for operator comfort and control, the Husqvarna CT 48-13A-V is equipped with an adjustable T-handle and V-clutch design. The adjustable handle ensures ergonomic operation, reducing operator fatigue during extended use, while the V-clutch mechanism provides smooth engagement and disengagement of the blades for precise control over the finishing process.

Durability is paramount on the job site, and the Husqvarna CT 48-13A-V is built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use. Its sturdy frame and reinforced chassis ensure stability and longevity, allowing you to tackle demanding projects with confidence.

Safety is always a priority when working with power equipment, and the Husqvarna CT 48-13A-V is equipped with various safety features to protect operators and bystanders. From blade guards and safety switches to vibration dampening systems, this trowel prioritizes user safety without compromising on performance.

Whether you’re a professional contractor, concrete finisher, or DIY enthusiast, the Husqvarna CT 48-13A-V Power Trowel is a reliable and versatile tool that delivers exceptional results. Invest in this powerful trowel and take your concrete finishing capabilities to the next level, allowing you to achieve professional-quality results quickly, efficiently, and with precision.

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