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Husqvarna Trolley KV760 for bricksaw K760 | 587768401

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Enhance your cutting efficiency with the Husqvarna Trolley KV760 designed specifically for the Bricksaw K760. Engineered for optimal performance and durability, this trolley provides exceptional stability and maneuverability on diverse job sites. It ensures precise cutting depths and easy handling, making it an essential companion for construction professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Crafted with ergonomic features, including comfortable handles and a robust frame, the KV760 Trolley minimizes operator fatigue during extended use. Its durable wheels navigate smoothly over various surfaces, delivering reliable performance in challenging conditions.

Compatible with the K760 Bricksaw, this trolley integrates seamlessly to streamline your cutting operations. Whether you’re working on concrete, masonry, or stone, the Husqvarna Trolley KV760 offers unmatched versatility and reliability.

Discover the Trolley KV760 at Granex Trade, where quality meets innovation. Invest in precision and efficiency for your cutting tasks with this essential accessory, ensuring optimal results with every use.

Husqvarna Trolley KV760 Specifications:

Part No: 587768401
Barcode: 7393089346125
Brand: Husqvarna
Warranty: 1 Year
Product Length (mm): 80
Product Width (mm): 45
Product Height (mm): 90

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