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HUSQVARNA PG510 FLOOR GRINDER 220-240V | 967932007

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Unlock the potential of your flooring projects with the HUSQVARNA PG510 floor grinder. Engineered for professional use, this 220-240V grinder delivers exceptional grinding performance and versatility. Equipped with a powerful motor and precision engineering, it ensures fast and efficient grinding on a variety of surfaces. The PG510 features user-friendly controls and ergonomic design for enhanced operator comfort and productivity. Whether you’re grinding concrete, terrazzo, or other materials, this floor grinder delivers consistent results with ease. Elevate your flooring projects with the reliability and performance of the HUSQVARNA PG510 floor grinder.


  • The speed is fixed and no settings are required. The machine also has an user-friendly logical control panel with overload protection
  • The machine is light and fits easily in any car thanks to the compact design and foldable frame and dividable parts
  • Self-adjusting floating cover with brush list follows the surface and gives a tight seal to prevent the dust from entering the working environment
  • The machine has three grinding discs making it suitable for a wide range of applications
  • The grinding head is effectively sealed to keep dust and moisture out. This greatly extends the lifetime of the bearings and belts
  • Redi Lock is an instant and hassle-free system for changing diamond tooling. Robust system design ensures maximum protection and life of your diamond tools
  • Hour meter possibility to log operating hours


  • Rated current: 13A
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Phases: 1
  • Pins: 2
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Grinding width: 515mm
  • Number of grinding discs: 3
  • Grinding disc diameter: 230mm
  • Grinding disc speed: 542rpm
  • Grinding pressure: 66kg
  • Direction of rotation: One direction
  • Dimentions (L x W x H): 1525mm x 555mm x 950mm
  • Weight: 120kg

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