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Husqvarna S11 Dust Extractor 230V

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Enhance workplace safety and cleanliness with the Husqvarna S11 Dust Extractor 230V. Designed to efficiently capture dust particles generated during cutting, grinding, and sanding operations, this extractor ensures a healthier working environment. With its powerful 230V motor and effective filtration system, it effectively removes fine dust particles, protecting both workers and equipment. The compact and portable design of the S11 makes it easy to maneuver and transport, allowing for convenient use on various job sites. Invest in the Husqvarna S11 Dust Extractor to maintain air quality and promote a safer work environment in your workshop or construction site.

Husqvarna S 11 is a compact and portable H-classified wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaner for general cleaning and hand-held tools. It is equipped with HEPA filters and offers automatic filter cleaning by shaking the filter during operation for a continuous air flow. This vacuum unit is very easy to transport and handle thanks to its compact design, low weight and convenient carry handle.


  • Thanks to the automatic filter cleaning, you can keep operating without interruptions. The dust collector has a constant high airflow and leaves minimum dust on the floor.
  • H-Classified – The three separate filtering stages result in a longer working time between filter cleaning. The dust is filtered through a cyclone chamber, which separates the heaviest particles – up to 90% of the dust – before the washable main filter.
  • It is quick and easy to connect the dust collector with your power hand tool with the Aux power outlet.
  • The low weight, compact design, and transport handles allow for smooth transportation.

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