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Masterfinish Handyvibe Cageless GX35 Honda | HV44E

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Elevate your concrete consolidation process with the Masterfinish Handyvibe Cageless GX35 Honda. This innovative concrete vibrator features a robust GX35 Honda engine, delivering reliable power and performance for efficient operation. The cageless design allows for easy maneuverability and precise placement, ensuring thorough consolidation without the need for additional equipment. With its 44mm diameter head, this Handyvibe model provides optimal vibration to effectively consolidate concrete in various applications. Whether you’re working on residential projects or commercial construction, the Masterfinish Handyvibe Cageless GX35 Honda offers unmatched reliability and convenience to streamline your concrete finishing tasks.


  • Powered by Honda’s lightweight 4-Stroke
  • The HandyVibe makes vibrating concrete simple and convenient.
  • No additional requirement for separate drive unit or shaft.
  • Ultra-reliable Honda 4-Stroke engine with no mixing of fuel required.
  • Safe-T-Cage unique protective system, reduces damage to engine (optional extra, not displayed)
  • Ergonomic designed handles and shoulder strap.


  • Brand: MasterFinish
  • Model No: HV44E
  • Barcode:  9318428651454
  • Engine: GX35 4-Stroke
  • Type: Hard Nose
  • Material: steel/plastic
  • Frequency: 9000 (Vib/Min)
  • Weight: 14kgs
  • Hard Nose: Hard
  • Diameter: 44mm
  • Fuel: 4-Stroke
  • Power: 1kw
  • Horse Power: 1.3
  • Capacity: 35.8cc
  • Oil Level: 100ml
  • Safe-T-Cage: No
  • Warranty: 1 Year Machine Warranty and 1.5 Year Motor Warranty
  • Net Weight (kg): 14
  • Product Length (mm): 2100
  • Product Width (mm): 250
  • Product Height (mm): 250

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