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Puma – Air Compressor P20 240 Volt 75Ltr

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Enhance your workshop efficiency with the Puma Air Compressor P20, a reliable 240 Volt unit boasting a sizable 75Ltr tank. Designed for versatility and durability, this compressor delivers consistent airflow to power a range of pneumatic tools and equipment. Ideal for small to medium-scale tasks, it offers ample capacity for prolonged operation without frequent refills. With its compact design and sturdy construction, the Puma Air Compressor P20 is the perfect addition to any workshop seeking dependable performance and convenience.

  • Motor Power: 2.4 kW (3.2 hp)
  • Pump Displacement: 420 L/min (14.8 cfm)
  • Free Air Delivery: 320 L/min (11.3 cfm)
  • Maximum Pressure: 900 kPa (130 psi)
  • Tank Volume: 75 Litres
  • Pump Model: Puma PG30
  • Pump Speed: 880 rpm
  • Electricity Supply: 15 Amps

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