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Sikabond T55J 600ml Ssg Ochre (20 per box)

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Discover Sikabond T55J 600ml SSG Ochre, the high-performance structural glazing adhesive available at Granex Trade. Perfect for demanding construction projects, this Sikabond adhesive delivers exceptional bonding strength and durability. With its fast-curing formula and excellent weather resistance, Sikabond T55J ensures reliable results in even the harshest conditions. Whether you’re installing glass facades, curtain walls, or structural glazing applications, Sikabond T55J provides superior adhesion and long-lasting performance. Each box contains 20 cartridges, offering convenience and efficiency for large-scale projects. Elevate your construction projects with Sikabond T55J 600ml SSG Ochre from Granex Trade. Order now and experience the quality and reliability trusted by professionals worldwide.

  • Adhesive can be sanded
  • Floor can be walked on / sanded after 12 / 24 hours
  • Elastic, footfall-sound dampening properties

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