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SikaDur 52 450ml Twin Cartridge

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Introducing SikaDur 52 Twin Cartridge in a convenient 450ml format, available now at Granex Trade. Designed for structural crack injection and repair applications, SikaDur 52 provides exceptional strength and durability for a wide range of construction projects. Its advanced formulation ensures reliable bonding and sealing of cracks, restoring the structural integrity of concrete elements effectively. With easy handling and precise dispensing, this twin cartridge system enables efficient and precise application, saving time and labor costs on-site. Trust SikaDur 52 to deliver high-performance results, ensuring long-lasting and reliable repairs for your concrete structures. Order your SikaDur 52 450ml Twin Cartridge today from Granex Trade and experience superior quality and performance.

  • Shrink free
  • Insensitive to moisture during application, cure or whilst in service
  • Applicable over wide temperature range

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