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Sikaflex 116 High Grab 290ml Ctg

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Enhance your construction projects with Sikaflex 116 High Grab, now available at Granex Trade. This high-performance adhesive delivers exceptional bonding strength and instant grab, making it ideal for vertical and overhead applications. Sikaflex 116 ensures reliable adhesion to a variety of substrates, including concrete, masonry, wood, and metal, providing a versatile solution for diverse construction needs. With its non-sag formula and rapid curing properties, Sikaflex 116 streamlines installation processes and reduces downtime, allowing you to achieve efficient and precise results. Trust Sikaflex 116 High Grab for superior performance and durability in your projects. Elevate your adhesive solutions with Sikaflex 116, available now at Granex Trade.

  • High initial grab
  • Fixing of heavy items without temporary fixation
  • Good workability

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