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SikaGrout HES – 20kg

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Achieve superior structural stability with SikaGrout HES, available in a convenient 20kg package. Engineered by Sika, this high-performance grouting compound is designed to provide exceptional strength and durability for a variety of applications, including anchoring, grouting, and structural repairs. With its high early strength formulation, SikaGrout HES ensures rapid setting and efficient load transfer, making it ideal for critical projects where time is of the essence. Trust Granex for top-quality construction products, and choose SikaGrout to enhance the strength and resilience of your structures.


SikaGrout-HES is used in a wide range of applications where rapid strength and return to service is required, such as:

  • Machine base plates
  • Anchoring
  • Starter bars
  • Bridge bearing pads
  • Pre-cast panel grouting
  • Cavities, gaps and recesses

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