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Tyrolit VCE2400D Dust Extractor 2.4kw 10amp

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Enhance your job site cleanliness with the Tyrolit VCE2400D Dust Extractor 2.4kw 10amp, available exclusively at Granex Trade. Designed for professional use, this efficient dust extractor ensures a clean and safe working environment by effectively removing dust and debris. Powered by a 2.4kw motor and 10amp power, it delivers robust suction performance, making it ideal for use with grinders, sanders, and other dust-generating tools.

The Tyrolit VCE2400D features advanced filtration technology that captures fine dust particles, maintaining air quality and protecting workers’ health. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance in demanding job site conditions. The extractor’s user-friendly design includes easy maneuverability, allowing for seamless transport and operation around the worksite.

With a large capacity dust container, the VCE2400D minimizes downtime for emptying, ensuring continuous operation and improved productivity. Trust Granex Trade to provide high-quality construction equipment that meets the highest industry standards. Invest in the Tyrolit VCE2400D Dust Extractor today and achieve superior dust control and efficiency. Maintain a cleaner, safer work environment with the Tyrolit VCE2400D from Granex Trade, your trusted partner in construction excellence.

– Dust collection H-Class certified.
– Equipped with a cyclone system and conical pre-filter.
– Equipped with the HEPA H13 filter.
– Features low noise level
– Equipped with Longopac® system for safe dust handling.
– Non-marking 10-inch wheels, which are construction site proof.

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