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Tyrolit VCE3600D Dust Extractor 3.6kw 15amp

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Upgrade your workspace with the Tyrolit VCE3600D Dust Extractor, boasting a powerful 3.6kW 15amp motor for efficient dust collection. Ideal for use with concrete grinders, saws, and other dust-producing equipment, this extractor ensures a cleaner and healthier environment. Its robust construction and large capacity make it suitable for demanding industrial applications, while the built-in filtration system traps even the finest dust particles. Keep your job site clean and compliant with regulations by integrating the Tyrolit VCE3600D Dust Extractor into your workflow. Trust in its performance to enhance productivity and safeguard the well-being of your team.

  • Dust collection H-Class certified.
  • Equipped with a cyclone system and conical pre-filter.
  • Equipped with the HEPA H13 filter.
  • Equipped with Longopac® system for safe dust handling.
  • Non-marking 10-inch wheels, which are construction site proof.
  • Features low noise level

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